Les Zooms 2020

Discover the 11th edition of the Salon de la Photo Zooms!


Always encouraging photography, the Salon de la Photo initiated the Zooms in 2010. Two prizes are awarded: one by the public, the other by the specialized press. Results will be announced on October 6th 2020.

Twelve editors have designated each an emerging French (or France-based) photographer. The two laureates will be featured in a 10-piece exhibition during the Salon de la Photo 2020.

This year's president of the jury is Jane Evelyn Atwood.

The jury has selected the following talents*:

Marguerite Bornhauser, presented by Eric Karsenty, Fisheye

Agathe Catel, presented by Yann Garret, Réponses Photo

Mathilde Fanet, presented by Stéphane Brasca, de l’air

Aurélien Gillier, presented by Léonor Matet and Dimitri Beck, Polka

Julia et Vincent, presented by Agnès Grégoire, Photo

Clémence Losfeld, presented by Damien Roué, Phototrend

Jacques Maton, presented by Vincent Trujillo, Le Monde de la Photo

Marie Mons, presented by Didier de Faÿs, Photographie.com

Arnaud Moro, presented by Renaud Labracherie, Les Numériques

Sophie Rodriguez, presented byCyril Drouhet, Figaro Magazine

Marion Saupin, presented by Gérald Vidamment, Compétence Photo

Kamil Zihnioglu, presented by Nicolas Jimenez, Le Monde

Téléchargez le dossier de presse complet des Zooms du Salon de la Photo 2020

(* Présentation des candidat.e.s par ordre alphabétique)

Fisheye: Marguerite Bornhauser

Collage Marguetie Bornhauser
Marguerite Bornhauser


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Réponses Photo: Agathe Catel

Collage Agathe Catel
Agathe Catel


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De L'Air: Mathilde Fanet

Collage Mathilde Fanet
Mathilde Fanet



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Polka: Aurélien Gillier

Collage Aurélien Gillier
Aurélien Gillier



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Photo: Julia & Vincent

Collage Julia et Vincent
Julia & Vincent


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Phototrend: Clémence Losfeld

Collage Clémence Losfeld


Clémence Losfeld


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Le Monde de la Photo: Jacques Maton

Collage Jacques Maton
Jacques Maton


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Photographie.com: Marie Mons

Collage Marie Mons
Marie Mons


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Les Numériques: Arnaud Moro

Collage Arnaud Moro
Arnaud Moro


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Figaro Magazine: Sophie Rodriguez

Collage Sophie Rodriguez
Sophie Rodriguez


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Compétence Photo: Marion Saupin

Collage Marion Saupin
Marion Saupin

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Le Monde: Kamil Zihnioglu

Collage Kamil Zihnioglu
Kamil Zihnioglu


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