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Coffee pickers. Finca La Hilda on the slopes of Poas volcano, San José region, Costa Rica, 2013
© Salgado / Amazonas images Reproduction authorised for the illustration of the exhibition « Parfum de Rêve » / « Scent of a Dream »

Exclusive exhibition:  Sebastião Salgado recognized for his international reportings and his images by black and white brings us towards a world tour around the coffee.

After the exhibitions of photographers Elliott Erwitt, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Sabine Weiss, JeanMarquis, Raymond Cauchetier, Willy Rizzo, Karl Lagerfeld and the agnès b. collection, the Salon de la Photo celebrates its tenth anniversary with two exhibitions showing the talent of a major figure of contemporary photography, Sebastião Salgado. 

Salgado’s powerful images in black and white, popular since the 1970s, have been admired bya vast international audience. Exhibitions such as the Hand of Man, Exodus and more recently Genesis have traveled the world.

Magnai-Chine-2012© Sebastião Salgado / Amazonas images

Mengnai village, Baoshan District, Yunnan province, China 2012
Reproduction authorised pour l’illustration de l’exposition « Parfum de Rêve » / « Scent of a Dream »

Started in 2002, when Sebastião Salgado and illy met, Scent of a Dream is a journey through coffeegrowing countries, based on a shared common value: sustainable development, the fundamental principal by which the Trieste-based company is able tomaintain its supreme quality.

Throughout his journey, Salgado has managed touse his black and white pictures to celebrate thedaily lives of those on the plantations, the beauty ofthe terroir from which the precious bean is grownand harvested. The sequence of his images was constructed, shot by shot, in ten of the countries from which illy buys coffee:Brazil, India, Indonesia,Ethiopia, Guatemala, Colombia, China, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Tanzania.

Coffee picker. Shangri La estate, Rift Valley, slopes of Ngorongoro crater. Tanzania 2014.
Reproduction authorised for the illustration of the exhibition « Parfum de Rêve » / « Scent of a Dream »

Scent of a Dream is also a book, edited and designedby Lélia Wanick Salgado, and published by La Martinière in France, where the images of places, people and men that made it the greatest reportage ever produced on the world of coffee, are close to texts signed by Andrea Illy, Luis Sepulveda, AngelaVettese and of course, Sebastião Salgado.

Sebastiao-Salgado© Zhong Weixing

Sebastião Salgado 2016

Prizes, awards, honors:

• 1985: Oskar Barnack Award

• 1986: Infinity Award for photojournalism

• 1988: Erich-Salomon Award

• 1989: Hasselblad Prize

• 1992: Oskar Barnack Award

• 1993: Royal Medal for the Centennial Photographic Society

• 1994: National Grand Prix of Photography Awarded by the Ministry of Culture (France)

• 1998: Prince of Asturias Prize in Arts

• 2014: Appointed Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters

• April 13, 2016: Election to the Academy of Fine Arts

• July 14, 2016: Knight of the Legion of Honor

Le Salon de la Photo 2017 present you the second exhibition of Sebastião Salgado : in the collection of the Maison Européenne de la Photographie.

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