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Culinary photography

Our society is undoubtedly that of the image. The photography, which replaces the written word, invites us to reflect, dream and sometimes salivate when it comes to food photography. So true is that more than ever, now is first eat with our eyes and that we would prefer to die rather than "consuming idiot".

Minor activity there are still fifteen years, food photography has become one of a growing number of photographers around the world, the light of professionals whose gaze landed on our plates and our food, our tastes and sublime eating habits, our cuisine choices. They found a new field of artistic expression with its codes, references and talents.

Food photography is not simply that of a product in a plate. Far from there. Anthropological, ethnological, reporting, gestures or wearing, it is the result of a true work of art, fruit of a reflection of artists wishing to express immersed in the food world. Become gradually work of art in itself, it brings the food in the contemporary art world.

This new creative kennel now has real signatures that combine requirement, humor, reflection, sensitivity and emotion and leads us into a dream world, blur, color ... it shows that each food photographer has affirmed perspective and identity. He signs his image as a painter his table.

The Festival International de la Photographie Culinaire*, FIPC, unique global event consumer and professional wants both the place of convergence of trends that agitate this segment of the profession and the radiant and bold global showcase offered to the public at a time gastronome, esthete and curious to discover innovative and personal works.

For several years during its summer festival Lot of flavors, the town of Cahors is the host of chefs, writers, performing artists and culinary photographers ...

This year, Festival International de la Photographie Culinaire eager to illustrate the theme of its seventh edition, La Table, dispatched three of its photographers during an amazing and exceptional banquet "Grande Tablée" with over 2000 persons under the stars for a unique gastronomic experience! Chang Ki Chung, the official photographer of the IFPC 2016, Franck Hamel, photographer Culinary Center of Contemporary Rennes and Laurent Rodriguez, photographer based in Reims and won several previous editions of the IFPC Price, laid their eyes on what makes Great Tablée this unique moment of sharing, gluttony and conviviality.

Watching their valuable work we find the strength and the high symbolic value of the table, instead of listening, exchange and pleasures associated with our plate ... A very big thank you to them.

Jean-Pierre PJ Stéphan

Founder president Festival International de la Photographie Culinaire.

* November 3 to 27. Simultaneous exhibitions in Paris (Mairie of the 9th arrondissement) in Caen in the streets of the city and Sète in the central market.

Exposition Lot of Saveurs

Three photographers covering the scenes of the festival Lot of flavors, especially the social event of the Great Tablée. An exhibition discovered the work of these three artists.

Franck Hamel

Tail red and blue lobster
Blue lobster
© : Franck Hamel

This photo taken in 2012 is part of the series "materials" which began in 2011. The aim of this series is to get out the gross proceeds from its primary meaning "food" and give it a more artistic dimension. This is the sublimate produced by a set of simple lights. Highlighting the photogenic crude, raw. Invite the viewer to stop, observe the same material ingredients. Give pleasure contemplation by a harmony of colors and shapes.

Chang Ki Chung

Orange and peel on the edge of a table
On the edge
© : Chang KI CHUNG

This photo is from the new series "Amsterdam'Holic" that the artist made following the visit of the Rijksmuseum. It offers via this series, a revamped vision of contemporary Dutch paintings "hyperrealist" of the 17th century to which is added a more anthropomorphic dimension. Each fruit or vegetable being as humans, proof of life. Alone or with others, sometimes in a situation of imbalance, game, waiting, loneliness, helplessness or group and cheerful duo.

Laurent Rodriguez

live fish aquarium containing a cooked dish
Noé Arch « vegetal »
© : Laurent Rodriguez

This photo was made for CPIF 2015 and deals with the inevitable changing eating habits in context, more global, issues highlighted in the Universal Exhibition in Milan: "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" . She received the Photography Prize of the Arts in 2015 IFPC table.

Lot of Saveurs - Franck Hamel

© Laurent Rodriguez

Lot of Saveurs - Laurent Rodriguez

© Franck Hamel

Lot of Saveurs - Chang Ki Chung
Lot of Saveurs - Chang Ki Chung

© Chang Ki Kung

En partenariat avec le Festival International de la Photographie Culinaire

Festival International de la Photographie Culinaire
Festival International de la Photographie Culinaire

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