The nude photography

The nude photography by Normal Magazine

The Art of Nude Photography by Normal Magazine

For its third year of partnership with Le Salon de la Photo, Normal invites you to discover shooting experiences as if you were there. Become a spectator of the work between the photographer and his model. Discover the backstage of a colorful world. Enter the universe of photographers as if you were in their studio: meetings, performances, interview on the thematic of the nude coupled with fashion, movement, staging, lighting ...

Also take time to discover the Normal Experience: the content of the magazines, the behind the scene movies, the presentation of photographers and models...

Normal is a high-end quarterly magazine devoted to the art of photography, focusing on fashion, body and artistic nude. A subtle fusion between art-book and magazine, Normal reveals the intimacy of our generation’s greatest photographers and new talents through editorials, series, interviews and portfolios, mingling fashion and art together in 300 pages.

Over the years we have acquired a special relationship with today's most talented influencers.

© Hervé Lewis

Thursday, 9 November

  • 12pm:  Martial Lenoir & Lulu Inthesky. Interview: the Photographic Nude. The relationship between the model and the photographer
  •  1 pm:  Juliette Jourdain (Woman shooting) Theme: accessorize the body. The nude in portrait 
    Meetings, exchanges and signatures.
  • 4pm : Barts Ramekers

Friday, 10 November

  • 11 am : Frédéric Monceau
  • 2 pm  : Martial Lenoir. Masterclass ( Woman shooting + Masterclass question and answer + signature of his book "Le dernier Combat")  Theme : Model direction. Nude & Accessories.
  • 4 pm : Andja Lorein 
  • 5 pm : Martial Lenoir

Saturday, 11 November

  • 11 am : Sacha Goldberger 
  • 11:30 am: Interview, meeting with Sébastien Roignant de F/1.4  Theme : The Landscape Nude. Meetings and interviews.
  • 2 pm: Le Turk ( Woman shooting + Interview + staging + signature of his book) Theme : Staging.
  • 4:30 pm :  Sébastien Roignant

Sunday, 12 November

  • 11 am : Laurent Hini (Woman shooting) Theme : The skin like a diffuser of light. 30 min demo + answer to questions.
  • 2 pm: Stefanie Renoma (Shooting Photo Couple + Interview + signature of her book) Theme: When fashion dresses the body.
  • 5 pm : Audrey Bouetté Interview and signature (Aubade model).

Monday, 13 November

  •  11 am: Interview, meeting with Sébastien Roignant de F/1.4  Theme : The Landscape Nude. Meetings and interviews. 
  •  1 pm: Julien Julien Benhamou (Man shooting, dance, opera dancer ) Theme : the body and et the movement
© Ellen von Unwerth

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