cp+ yokohama

Our two winners Zooms in Japan in CP+

Découvrez nos deux lauréats des Zooms 2017 du Salon de la Photo au Japon

A big trip for Rudy Boyer and Céline Jentzsch!

From March 1st to 4th, our two winners of the Salon de la Photo’s 2017 Zooms traveled to the infamous Japanese event “CP+” in order to meet the 2018 local laureates Rashiki and Katsuya Komiyama.

It was the opportunity for them to exchange about their different photographic cultures. They had the chance to take part in a talk-show that enabled them to introduce their work internationally and helped them find their place in the world of photography.

The French and Japanese artists learnt a lot from this operation, which was followed by galleries tours and portofolio readings. The collaboration with “CP+” was taken a step further this year.


portrait gagnante zooms 2017
portrait gagnant zooms 2017