Balint Porneczi

Bálint Pörneczi signs the 2016 poster

When the idea was accepted, I submitted two different plans but the basic concept was that of a child with an adult using one or cameras

Bálint Pörneczi finds inspiration in other people's views. Whether they be strangers, celebrities or his own relatives, the photographer, originally from Hungary, likes to remind us we are all equal in front of the camera lens.

Influenced by his father while growing up in Algeria, his passion for photography leads him towards photojournalism. Working for Agence France-Presse, Bloomberg or the Associated Press, he has covered areas such as Kosovo, Bosnia, as well as Egypt. He admits bringing back melancholic and rather dark images from these places.

In 2015 he presented his work "Figurák" which, like other portraitists' works such as Richard Avedon, Anton Corbijn or August Sander, cleverly mixes humour and emotion, always revealing a surprise. Characterised by black and white images and a smartphone process, this body of work in which athletes, artists, politicians and everyday women and men collide, earned him different awards, including the  Zoom de la Presse from the Salon de la Photo 2015.

Bálint adds, that to him "photography is also the possibility to write for (his) children so they can see things differently." He photographed his own family for the new 2016 poster of the Salon de la Photo.

Embodying transmission and sharing values, Bálint's photograph unveals a new side of the Salon de la Photo.

Poster of Salon de la photo 2016 by Bálint Pörneczi
Poster 2016