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Lilia El Golli


Lilia El Golli - EL GOLLI LILIA


Lilia El Golli

«Truth is in the Eye of the Beholder»

Born in Tunisia, I have lived my life in the fantastic city of Paris, while keeping deep roots in Tunisia.

2 axes, which could be consolidated in 1 main expression, highlight my path: Mother & Nature.

The Mother Nature : Pretty attracted by the surrealistic photography, I involve in a deep inside journey, kissing the bounders of mysticism, expressing myself in pictures, splashes of color, shadows and lights, movements, one second expression, imperceptible breathing.

Those Shadows and Lights, momentary life witnesses, talk to a secret part of me, attract all my attention.

Mother Nature takes, therefore, a main place within my vision, showing inner whispers and breaths, stronger than any word.