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« Ardennes »

We do not know each other. Finally, it has not yet met one-on-one. But on his bio photo, Pablo has the face of a young first theater. A beautiful "face" for this Toulousain of 28 years old. And also the sensitivity. He studied photography for three years in Toulouse ETPA.
Soon, the human is at the heart of his choice. His series of portraits of couples with disabilities reveals tenderness and feeling in love.
And Gilles Favier, Director of Singular Image festival in Sete, invited his school picture, asked him to participate in the project "La France vue d’ici" he initiated in collaboration with Mediapart, which will be revealed in full at spring 2017. A new horizon for Pablo which for three years working on the Ardennes and its inhabitants to the season.

Ambiance d'un café de province Un billard, un comptoir avec des personnes âgées et un enfant
Pablo Baquenado-2
Pablo Baquenado - Comexposium

Praised by Dimitri Beck - Polka Magazine

The Ardennes. The name evokes a dark, deep forest. The department crossed by the Maginot Line. It is in this remote corner of France and forgotten that Pablo Baquedano goes for three years. Poetry in his black and white. A light in the middle of trouble. But also for the unusual and the extra in the ordinary. At dusk, the Toulouse Pablo captures bursts of light and life, where bodies and faces shine in the middle of a range of gray. Over the seasons, Pablo reveals a not so dark country. We hear the laughter of children, music and songs of seniors. Hammers Steelworkers. A photographic story-going with a strong social dimension. This work is part of the project "France view from here," carried by the appointment Photographic image Singular in Sète and the online newspaper Mediapart which supports Polka.