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« Je suis une légende »

Born in 1967, Marcel Bataillard lives and works in Nice and Arles. This contemporary artist of protean works (paintings, photos, videos, texts, and compositions
musical improvisations, performances, stage design, graphics ...), questions the representation - its truth and veracity as trace, sign, souvenir, testimony, evidence - in his relationship with history, memory, identity. The photograph, in its visual version is the latest medium of this self practiced without complexes.

Éloge par Stéphane Brasca - de l’air Magazine

Volutes de matières blanches et grises dans une pièce devant un mur.
Marcel Bataillard-1
Marcel Bataillard - Comexposium

I know Marcel Bataillard recently. I met in Nice and Arles, two cities where he lives alternately. When I first showed his photos he had just finished a concert of contemporary music combined with traditional Corsican songs, thinking about the scenography for an exhibition of Charlotte Salomon, ended a series of paintings ... This ease, without complexes and without fuss, to move from one medium to the other convinced me to look even more closely what he meant with his images. Particularly those photos that speak, those extracted from his series "Je suis une légende". This suite, made daily, here and there, consists of pictures taken on the spot and aphorisms. It is no legend or title, but to scholium, wielding by turns burlesque, the political, mythological, poetic, controversy ... This combination of words and images have appeared to me then as the self-portrait of this self imbued with absurd and self-mockery.