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KOMEG discovers the light-painting 10 years ago flipping through the pages of a graffiti magazine. The light-graff artist Rezine the incentives to invest in its first DSLR to play with light. Today his case has become the main storage space for creativity. If you have the opportunity to browse memory card and its EXIF data, it will be difficult to find an exposure time of less than one second. It has never been so active since it takes long breaks!

Juls Boo is a nightlife photographer, his hunting ground is urban. The city offers him, by its structure, organization and history, space and various lighting. In its draft pictorial composition, he lets light markings in dark landscapes, permeates his camera sensor time performance and a redesigned architecture.

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Portrait dédoublé d'un homme dans une ambiance onirique
Komeg et Juls Boo-1
Komeg et Juls Boo - Comexposium

Appointment on March 35 on the place de la République in Paris for two lovers light painting ** KOMEG and Juls Boo. They want to participate in movement "Nuit debout" to witness the spirit of this popular initiative that recreates peacefully every night since 2016 March 31 around the statue symbol of the French Republic.
Combining face and message their project Portrait speech was born. Faithful to the etymology of the word photography, they write in the light to tell this historic moment. And sparks burst forth every night, looks and words.
The photo is taken of course standing in a long exposure performed freehand.
In an alchemy of light movement they portray people who spend or invest. Randomness is well suited to photographers; the rays of light and color layers overlay seem to adapt to messages pursuing speaking people. Each photo is after meeting and has a unique history.
The evening twilight, pictures taken yesterday are fixed on cardboard and hung on the place de la République constituting a huge exposure in vivo as wild Night Stand.
Bringing together over 200 portraits, the whole form as living proof that a documentary work where photography is in symbiosis with a history of movement.

* The movement "Nuit Debout" which began on March 31, 2016 following the numbering from with the 32 March, the 33 ...
On Thursday, May 19, 2016 is on March 80.
** The first light painter would Étienne-Jules Marey, a pioneer of photography - and precursor of cinema - as reported by the Academy of Sciences, August 7, 1882.