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« Once Upon a Time in America »

Axel Morin permeates urban culture as a teenager and began taking pictures to keep track of his graffiti. He quickly takes a liking to the image and enrolled at Intsitut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués (Lisaa) of Paris, which indicates DA and valedictorian in 2008. He then worked in an advertising agency and produced several clips as director. At 30, Axel Morin has chosen to focus its own productions, he alternates with orders, as pictured in video.

Praised by Eric Karsenty - Fisheye Magazine

Avant d'un Wagon du métro de New-York en extérieur sur un viaduc métallique
Alex Morin-1
Axel Morin - Comexposium

We chose Axel Morin as a candidate for Zooms 2016, is that his work is a reflection of a generation that practice the photo as a sharing mode. Sharing an energy that captures the streets of cities, like here in New York last summer, and he gets to return the adrenaline of the Bronx neighborhoods, Harlem, Queens and Brooklyn. Nourished by the works of greats like Garry Winogrand street photography, Raymond Depardon, Boogie, Mary Ellen Mark, Bruce Davidson and others, Axel Morin gives us to see in his pictures a unique America that seems to continue to vibrate.