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Guillaume NOURY

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Le champs des possibles

William is a young photographer from Nantes. He says "Photography is a wonderful language that overcomes the words and allows a direct dialogue of the unconscious to another, a fantasy to another. Photographer for over ten years, my approach has been slow to develop and continue to clarify, I started a project about a place or a particular type of place, impregnates me and wanders without seeking anything except n is to listen to my feelings. "

Praised by Vincent Trujillo - Le Monde de la Photo Magazine

We met Guillaume at Vincennes Images Festival.

The festival, whose 1st edition was held in 2015 at the initiative (remarkable) photo Club de Vincennes, had piqued the curiosity of writing that was worn partner of this event. Instinctively the series "The field of possibilities" proposed by Guillaume scored our minds. In this work on the intimate, the photographer explores his favorite theme: the fate. From the outset the intention of the photographer we have published very modern and perfectly illustrated by these invisible everyday moments that suddenly spread with rare strength for all to see, picture after picture.

This agreement language so dear to the author reveals a real artistic signature and photographer ability to stop the viewer on stealth and universal moments that occur in our daily lives.

Emprunte d'une main sur un mur
Guillaume Noury-1
Guillaume Noury - Comexposium

At the heart of the city Guillaume fixed with great control those moments of uncertainty or hesitation which guide the choice (conscious or unconscious) of our lives. It reveals much poetry with these temporal spaces vanished in the course of our lives vanishing in the manner of a puzzle of a thousand pieces scattered and yet fit together. Somewhere meaning of our lives is illuminated by this author look nuanced but whose intention seems to fix precisely the legitimacy of our questions in a life whose hazards are too numerous to include in its immutable unity. This series managed this feat once thought impossible. Surely his obsession with light sculpts in favor of a pristine glass by the rain, shiny shadows, fleeting traces of doors ajar, of uncertain and distant horizons, always sketched gestures orchestrated by a physical presence sign a real photographic consistency of his compositions. Like any writer attracted to light scenes he photographs, the choice of black and white, and its grain is of absolute relevance as it emerges from this revelation of contrasts of tone and material situations and forgotten or ignored questions.

In the series "le champs des possibles" shape joins the background to deliver a message and a visual language that speak to us all the time of a snapshot. It's beautiful and introspective so that the viewer is stopped, realizing, sometimes brutally, that something has been where will switch. Photography Gillaume Noury acts as a catalyst on the viewer. It helps to understand the importance of these trivial moments laughable see in the course of a lifetime. It's just remarkable as this picture strikes at heart. This is a photograph of the emotion that a strong desire intimate feeling. We are very pleased to present this copyright approach on the occasion of this new edition of Zooms.