Femme coiffée d'un hénin

Claire and Philippe ORDIONI

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"Divas and Baroque Portraits"

Over time, Claire, the actress and daughter, and Philip, the portrait painter and father, have become "a single artist", jointly preparing each photo session with their models and from sometimes before, sometimes behind the lens. No less than seven years will have been necessary to achieve these stories Baroque galleries, whose writing continues today, in the south of France.

Femme en costume baroque
Claire et Philippe Ordioni-2
Claire et Philippe Ordioni - Comexposium
Praised by Gérald Vidamment - Compétence Photo Magazine

The Baroque does not choose. Rather, it combines opposites. Why come together with us at this moment, Divas and baroque portraits, two sets performed by Claire and Philippe Ordioni. White Cutlery, outlined in black, the portraits are frozen, staring at the pale reflection of our own eyes. Retreating into a roaring silence sometimes, these characters drown their emotions in the depths of a disenchanted introspection. Yet they still call tirelessly for our discernment. The dumb-resistant they will finally face up to deaf blind so long? After all, you who look at me, which of us is locked up, and what reality?
From their cap at the tip of their most priceless toe, baroque Divas do not hear it that way. They appear as extravagant star of a world in constant search of new gods to honor. Facing them, we are no longer the prey of their presence and their uninhibited sufficiency cleverly draped. Whatever the genre, never mind the prejudices, these absolute beings are constantly strutting to the beat of a light excess.
Bold progenitors of these images, Claire and Philippe Ordioni finally intoxicate us with their delicately abrasive humor. In short, they wake us.