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Japanese Zooms are also subject to Paris!

The Photo Salon and CP + Japan have the honor to present for the first time an exhibition of the winners of the two countries to consolidate the friendship forged between France and Japan on the exchange of photographic culture: The two Japanese winners exposed to CP + will be presented this year at the Salon de la Photo in Paris, while those of ZOOM will be CP + exhibition in Yokohama in February 2017.

“The Editors’ Photo Award ZOOMS JAPAN 2016” is a new award made by CP+ in relation with ZOOMS of Salon de la Photo Paris.

Candidates are nominated by seven editors or managing editors of the specialist press photograph of Japan. The winner of the "Prize of the editor" is elected and the "Audience Award" is voted on the website of CP + in Yokohama.

A Great Meeting will bring together the four winners Thursday, November 10 at 4:00pm.



Person fascinated by the magnificent view

Silhouette of a couple embracing on blue sky in a field of flowers - Photo Daisuke ONDA
Daisuke ONDA
Daisuke ONDA - CP+ Yokohama - Comexposium

The world is changing rapidly, people, out of their daily lives, are increasingly likely to visit beautiful sites, they absorb vitality throughout Japan. The coasting, I discovered their lives but also their feelings. These natural sites are the pride of my country, they fascinate people, and I wanted to express in my collection of photos.

Présented by Ryuji Sugawara - CAPA

Universal, photos Daisuke Onda catch the eye and conquer the heart. They cause aesthetic consciousness of Man, not within a particular category does not need to be justified, true beauty, unique colors to the seasons in Japan. Many people gather in these places filled with colors. Amid the crowd, Daisuke Onda blotit in their mind and captures scenes with his camera, extending its field of vision. The photographer manages to capture a landscape in a single dimension, becoming a part of the subject.
Every picture is a story that enriches its collection. If he also practices the video, it does not abandon unless the photo. My greatest wish is that he continues to walk his "camera-eye" - so important for a photographer - and continues to fascinate us with its stunning pictures.
With Daisuke Onda, I celebrate a new storyteller who captivates us with her photos.



I’m home (Je suis à la maison)

A hip bath in a narrow bathroom filled with water or emerge a pair of slender teenage leg
Masaki YAMAMOTO - CP+ Yokohama - Comexposium
These photos are of my family, neither rich nor poor, a reflection of humanity. We experienced the expulsion of the home because of rent arrears, the lives of six in our caravan and separation: we, the children at the orphanage, my mother with my sister -bébé- to mother-child Institute, while my father was looking for a job in continuing to live in the caravan. These experiences have created a strong bond between us that has united us.
I'm a premature child, given up for dead at birth. The rest of my life, shaped by difficult experiences, quitting school, insults that urged me to remain cloistered in my room ... And one day, I went on the road, to wander across Japan.

Présented by Toshiaki Maeda - Nihon Camera

I'm at home, the door is open, the family expected. The family portrait is not the theme of this series of photographs. His family is there, it is before his eyes, and he takes his camera, spontaneously. It moves with the lightness of a mischievous kid, look and abruptly stops. His family, like free particles collide and react with each other, exudes energy while waving cheerfully. The symbiosis between the members of this family, beyond love or family ties, amplifies the intensity pictures, -The strength of the composition of his photos where everything is carefully orchestrated, indices, symbolic, sprinkled it and there, they would lead me into a trap that the photographer has strategically set up? It leaves me in the impatience of a suite.
I have rarely had as much fun after seeing the pictures of his family.


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