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Fédération Professionnelle du Drone Civil

Fédération Professionnelle du Drone Civil - Professionnal associations

Stands :

5.1 A 018

21, rue Henri Rochefort
75017 PARIS

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The Federation of Civil Drones (FPDC) is an association governed by the law of 1901, which federates private and institutional actors in the French drone sector, particularly regarding manufacturers and operators.

The association aims at supporting and coordinating national and international promotion efforts relative to unmanned aircrafts potentialities in civil applications.

The FPDC (  French Professional Federation of civil drone ) wishes to become the main interlocutor for the young civil drone sector in France, both with the guardian authorities and private thirds such as insurers and medias.

By facilitating exchange and corporation between various actors of the sectors, the FPDC helps to find common innovative solutions opening the way to a booming prospects to this new industry .