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DP Lenticular Ltd

DP Lenticular Ltd - School/training

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C 013

Office Pods 2-3
Marine Road Lower 6-7

A96P9H6 Dun Laoghaire



From a post stamp to a very large format, lenticular technology can boost your image and your pictures allowing many applications for designers, artists, and of course advertising and promotion.

Since more than 15 years, DP Lenticular is supplying lenticular sheets to the printing market. Our lenticular plastic sheets are produced using recyclable resins. We are the only producer extruding large format sheets in Europe for inkjet digital printing, using  our exclusive PETG/UV, allowing indoor and outdoor use. Our products are controlled to be sure they are in tolerance, particularly in terms of deviation.

During the Salon de la Photo, we'll be honored to welcome the photographer Henri CLEMENT who will share his passion and his experience.


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