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Instant camera : Instax mini 70 (new colors available)



: Fujifilm launched in September 2016, its mini instax 70 collection autumn / winter by giving a  new look to  its iconic Instax 70 through 3 new stylish colors; red, black and gold.
Thus, it complements the current Instax 70 line with POPs colors, yellow, blue and white hues already coveted since their launch in September 2015, yellow, blue and white, already successful since their launch in September 2015.Now, the range offers a large palette of colors to satisfy all needs and wishes.  The mini instax 70 allow to print instax mini Photos [Credit card size 86x54mm]. As a fashion jewel, this product is ideal for any occasion and allows the user to enjoy instant photography in a variety of situations ! With its modern design and its variety of shooting mode, the instax Mini 70 is ideal for lovers of photo, but also those in search of innovative, high-tech and trendy look.

Brand : INSTAX


  • 5.2 C 020

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The FUJIFILM X-Series cameras, the reference on the CSC market thanks to its high-end product positioning, a classic look and cutting-edge technologies giving an exceptional picture quality, will introduce its latest products: X-T2 & X-Pro2 cameras – but also X70 & X-E2s - as well as XF100-400mm, XF23mmF2 & XF35mmF2 lenses. Fujifilm will also reveal the medium format system GFX shown for the first time during the last Photokina. The video "The Art of Tricking" and the photographs series taken by Tristan SHU with the X-T2 will be the guiding line of the Fujifilm booth through an amazing and exceptional visual experience. Moreover, the fans of the Instant photo will get the opportunity to discover the latest new Instax products.