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High end photographic prints by thermal sublimation on rigid plates



Subligraphie® relies on an exclusive image transfer principle based on thermal sublimation upon specific material (aluminium plate or MDF). The chromatic pigments are diffused inside the very thickness of highly resistant polyester layers. This technique is thus similar to a continuous tone printing process, resulting in unseen image depth, combined with exceptional rendition of matters and textures.

Dye sublimation on solid plates bears decisive advantages when compared to traditional image printing : superior image definition, exceptional color vibrancy, amazing depth. Last but not least, this product shows an outstanding resistance to stressors of any kind (UV, heat, moist, chemicals end scratches), leading to an uncomparable lifetime.


  • 5.1 E 011

Complementary information



Print sizes:

- standard: 18x27 cm up to 100x100 cm for ratios 3:2, 4:3, 1:1, 3:1 (panoramic)

- made to measure: all dimensions and all shapes included into the maximum size 100x170 cm


- Aluminium



- Gloss white

- Semi-glossy white

- Matte white

- Gloss brushed aluminium

- Matte brushed aluminium

Frame options:

- adhesive hook

- aluminium hidden frame

- aluminium shadow box FG profile, color: black, white, silver, charcoal, gold

- aluminium shadow box TD profile, color: black, white, silver

- wood shadow box, color: black