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Fabriano Printmaking Rag 310gsm

Innova Art Ltd.


  • Soft Grain – Mould Made
  • 100% Cotton Rag
  • Natural White
  • OBA Free
  • Acid – Lignin Free – Archival

Fabriano Printmaking Rag 310gsm features a mould made base dating back to the late 13th Century Fabriano Printmaking Rag is traditionally the oldest and most renowned paper in Europe, used by the masters. This traditional paper provides unique white tones and soft grain texture to your artwork.

Brand : Innova Editions


  • 5.1 C 012

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  • New product


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  • Professionnel et grand public


Innova Art Ltd.

Innova Art offers a selection of award winning digital fine art and photographic media alongside a range of innovative image display products. One of a few manufacturers worldwide dedicated to the art of producing media compatible with inkjet printers, Innova Art does not just redevelop traditional fine art papers, they create specialist digital fine art paper and canvas.

Established just as the 21st Century started, Innova is not bound by century old thinking and paradigms. They utilise their own specialist team of chemists to research and develop modern, flexible approaches to the manufacture of inkjet art papers. Motivated by a desire to deliver high quality products and value to their network of distribution partners as well as the end consumer, Innova Art is always seeking to forge new partnerships and create innovative products for the fine art print sector.


Innova Editions

Tradition Meets Innovation

The Innova Editions portfolio has been carefully selected to bring professional printers and photographers the world’s finest media for digital printing. The selection offers both the look, feel and archival quality of classic fine art and photographic media, together with the image intensity and durability that have won Innova Art so many awards. Papers include both mould
made and fourdrinier made substrates. Ideal for reproduction of traditional artworks as well as digital originals in limited and open edition print runs.

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