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Appareil numérique Hybride X-T2



The X-T2 is the new CSC system camera light and compact with the high X-Trans III 24,3Mp image quality and weather resistant Pro construction. The autofocus performance and electronic viewfinder have been radically optimized to make it ideal for fast sports photography or wildlife. The X-T2 also records video in high quality 4K and allows the use of film simulation modes.



  • 5.2 C 020

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Product type

  • New product

Public target

  • Professionnel et grand public


The X-T2 opens the doors to the world of Hybrid, to the fast and complex sports photography requiring perfect image detail and higher definition even in high ISO sensitivity while remaining compact and lightweight camera body.



The FUJIFILM X-Series cameras, the reference on the CSC market thanks to its high-end product positioning, a classic look and cutting-edge technologies giving an exceptional picture quality, will introduce its latest products: X-T2 & X-Pro2 cameras – but also X70 & X-E2s - as well as XF100-400mm, XF23mmF2 & XF35mmF2 lenses. Fujifilm will also reveal the medium format system GFX shown for the first time during the last Photokina. The video "The Art of Tricking" and the photographs series taken by Tristan SHU with the X-T2 will be the guiding line of the Fujifilm booth through an amazing and exceptional visual experience. Moreover, the fans of the Instant photo will get the opportunity to discover the latest new Instax products.