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KLAPTY, the Swiss start-up, is about to bring a revolution to the world of 360 tours

We want to provide a solution with improved quality & features, a lower virtual visit publication cost, all this whilst allowing 360 photographers to make a decent living from their activity.

A variety of applications
Klapty's platform, launched at the RENT real-estate fair in Paris on November 6th & 7th 2019, provides true added-value to people wanting to produce interactive virtual visits. The solution is not only suitable for real-estate agencies, but also for companies in sectors such as tourism, retail or industry and even for individual people. Clients will be able to produce superior-quality 360-degree visits with high online visibility.

Promoting photographers
Creating high-quality virtual visits also implies 360 photographers can make a decent living from their activity, an issue that is important to Klapty. As Raynald Salah, Klapty's founder, states "We are now facing standardised imagery solutions, which remove the photographers' artistic touch, their professionalism. Furthermore, many platforms currently drive photographer retribution downward, which is a threat to the entire profession".

To learn more about Klapty, check out our website

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  • Klapty - Klapty is a 360-degree virtual visit platform designed for various industries. We adopted an innovative business model and manage the client-photographer relationship in a better way.




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    • 5.2 C 067
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